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Patient Question:

Sore Feet and Calves

The bottoms of my feet and my calves get extremely sore and achy if I am on my feet for any period of time. I wear shoes with good support and I'm sure that they help but, at times, the pain is unbearable and makes it difficult to walk. I've been told that I have flat feet. Could this be the cause of this tired and achy feeling? I'm thinking of seeing a doctor for this.

Dr. Lin

Dr. Johnny L. Lin:

There are many causes of sore and achy feet. It could either be caused by compressed or irritated nerves in the feet. The nerve irritation can even be coming from as high as your spine. Another general cause of achy feet is poor circulation.

Treatment Options:

I recommend seeing a doctor if this problem is getting worse or if the symptoms are interfering with your normal daily activities. Your flat feet may be contributing to the symptoms, but a full orthopaedic evaluation would help in determining the exact cause of these somewhat vague symptoms.

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