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Patient Question:

Diagnosing the Severity of Rotator Cuff Tears

Are there degrees of rotator cuff tears? If so, do they all require surgery for repair?

Dr. Verma

Dr. Nikhil N. Verma:

Rotator cuff tears come in many sizes both with regard to length and width. An Orthopaedic physician will typically evaluate several conditions when making a diagnosis. The first aspect to consider is to whether it is a complete tear or partial tear. Second, determining the length of the tear is important. Finally, the chronicity of the tear (the duration of the injury) and degree of tendon retraction.

Treatment Options:

Not all tears require surgical management and in most cases, an initial trial of conservative management is indicated. This decision is best made in consultation with your surgeon, and is based on factors such as age, activity level, work requirements, tear size, and degree of symptoms.

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