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Patient Question:

MBA Implants to Correct Flat Feet

I have been treated for flat feet or posterior tibial tendon dysfunction for the past few years. I have custom orthotics, but they are not helping anymore and I am in a great deal of pain. My podiatrist is recommending MBA implants to correct my feet. Do you perform this proceedure? If so, what is the success rate?

Dr. Lin

Dr. Johnny L. Lin:

The success rate for relief of pain is about 70%, however, approximately 40% require removal due to pain. The cause of pain is likely from abnormal pressure on the bones from the implant or painful impingement of the implant on the surrounding bones. The MBA implant is a device that is used in flat feet to prevent the "turning out" of the foot. It acts like a doorstop that blocks the foot from "turning out" which decreases the mobility of the foot. It is placed between two of the bones in the foot, the talus (ankle bone) and the calcaneus (heel bone).

Treatment Options:

I personally do not perform this procedure due to the high percentage of patients that require removal of the implant as well as the lower success rate in terms of pain relief.

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