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Experimental Procedure Could Revive Sore Knees
Brian J. Cole, M.D.

Dr. Brian Cole Featured on NBC Chicago to Discuss a New Experimental Procedure for Injured Knees

Travis Paulson was ranked number one nationally in his wrestling weight class and was a top contender for gold in the 2012 Olympics when a knee injury threatened to sideline him for the rest of his career. Travis, desperate to return to his previous level of competition, sought out the care of Dr. Brian Cole, Director of the Cartilage Restoration Center at Rush University Medical Center.

Dr. Cole used donor cartilage to restore the missing cartilage in Travis' knee that had left him with one bone painfully grinding against the other. The donor cartilage used was not from an adult donor but from an adolescent. Dr. Cole has found in his continued research in cartilage restoration that adolescent tissue has been much more effective. "In many respects it's a gift that the family can give, and to date, this process is making tremendous differences in a number of individuals' lives who may not otherwise have had an option," said Dr. Cole.

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