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Dr. Cole Interviewed on Comcast SportsNet about Joakim Noah's Injury

Joakim Noah's injury to his right thumb has Bulls fans wondering when the powerful center will return to play. Dr. Brian Cole, sports medicine physician at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush and head team physician for the Chicago Bulls, was recently featured on Comcast SportsNet Chicago Tribune Live show discussing the injury and treatment.

Many athletes with this injury would be unable to play with the torn ligament due to instability of the thumb. Although a difficult decision, it was best to repair the injury early rather than risk the chance of permanent damage. "Delayed repair, if we wait beyond the early period, means things get more challenging and less predictable," stated Dr. Cole.

Kirk Hinrich had the same injury last year that was repaired by MOR hand, wrist & elbow specialists Dr. Mark Cohen and Dr. John Fernandez. Noah was under the same care on Thursday, December 16, when he underwent the same procedure to repair his right thumb. After surgery his middle and ring fingers will also be immobilized. Although they are not in need of surgery, the immobilization will allow those ligaments to heal more predictably.

Listen to the full interview: www.youtube.com

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