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Monitoring Your Child's Spine Health

Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR) spine specialists Dr. Howard An and Dr. Christopher DeWald believe that monitoring your children's spine health is just as important as monitoring their height.

Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush is offering a FREE, 9" x 40" growth chart with an easy test parents can do to check for scoliosis, an abnormal curve of the spine.

To order the complimentary growth chart, please email: lisa@pscommunicationsinc.com.

Spinal deformity surgeon, Dr. DeWald emphasizes that early detection is the key to minimizing spinal curvature progression. In the following video, he discusses ScoliScore, a new test to better predict a scoliosis patient's probable degree of curve and the following:
  • How does a parent know their child has scoliosis?
  • What are the most commons signs of scoliosis?
  • Is scoliosis more prominent in boys or girls?
  • Is scoliosis hereditary?
  • Is there a test to detect the severity of scoliosis?
  • What advances have been made in treating scoliosis?
  • Is there an at-home test for scoliosis?

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