Wrist Conditions & Treatments

When a patient suffers an injury to the wrist, getting the right treatment in a timely matter is very important. Proper treatment can get them back to normal functioning. Whether suffering from an injury or a chronic condition, patients should look for a physician with a proven track record to administer the best treatment for a quick recovery and pain-free life.

Drs. Mark Cohen, John Fernandez and Robert Wysocki are board certified, fellowship-trained surgeons who use the most innovative, minimally invasive techniques to decrease the pain and recovery time of patients undergoing treatment of both common and complex wrist conditions. Often, these procedures are done with a less than one-inch incision, leaving minimal scarring.

Potential advantages of minimally invasive surgery versus traditional open techniques include: shorter hospitalizations, less postoperative pain, faster recovery, reduced blood loss, less soft tissue damage, smaller surgical incisions, less scarring and improved function.

Learn more about wrist related conditions or treatments below:

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