Elbow Conditions & Treatments

When it comes to the treatment of elbow conditions, patients at the Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR) Hand, Wrist & Elbow Institute receive care from some of the best upper extremity specialists in the country.

Drs. Mark Cohen, John Fernandez and Robert Wysocki are known for using innovative treatment methods for treating conditions such as: tennis elbow (inflammation of tendons around the elbow joint caused by overuse); elbow fractures; arthritis of the elbow; cubital tunnel syndrome (nerve pain in the elbow) and throwing injuries.

In some cases, non-surgical treatment, such as rest, ultrasound, physical therapy and over-the-counter medications, is recommended. But if the symptoms persist, MOR upper extremity surgeons will work with patients to devise a proper treatment course that leads to the best outcome. They can perform arthroscopic (minimally invasive) or traditional (open) elbow surgery to repair fractures and resurface the elbow joint using biologic tissue. For some conditions, a partial or complete elbow replacement may be the best alternative. The MOR Hand, Wrist & Elbow Institute orthopedic surgeons are ranked among the top specialists in the country for using the most innovative, minimally invasive techniques to decrease the pain and recovery time for patients undergoing treatment of both common and complex elbow conditions. Often, these procedures are done with a less than one-inch incision, leaving minimal scarring.