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At Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR) Sports Performance Center, our goal is to bridge the gap between sports medicine and sports performance. Using evidence-based methods and the world’s best equipment at our state-of-the-art facility, we are helping athletes of all levels transition from injury to a confident return to their sport. Our programs don't just get you back to activity, they also enhance performance - building strength, improving agility, addressing injury risk factors, and bolstering confidence for athletes returning to sport.

Our team has extensive experience working with athletes from the professional teams like the Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Fire as well as little leaguers and club soccer teams. We believe all athletes deserve access to effective strength and conditioning programming derived from medically sound foundations.

Our services* include:

*All Sports Performance Center services are self-pay and not covered by insurance.

The Functional Sports Assessment (FSA) assesses your readiness to return to sport, identifying any remaining injury risk factors in a comprehensive report containing deficits that should be addressed during the transition back to competitive sports. By identifying individual needs, we can create a custom workout routine to allow you to excel in your sport, not merely return. We offer FSAs for the leg, hip, and shoulder.


$250/Single assessment; $1,200/Bundled program*

*Includes two (2) evaluations and ten (10) one-hour training sessions.

Our overhead functional sports assessment utilizes body sensors, high-speed cameras, and motion analysis software to analyze your throwing motion to perfect your form, prepare for competition, or identify deficits that may be leading to discomfort and injury. This one-hour assessment can give you a thorough, general injury risk assessment. Using motion sensors, biomechanical analysis software, and balance analysis equipment, we can help identify areas for you to focus on in your training to reduce your chance of injury. 


$250/Single assessment

This one hour assessment can give you a thorough, general injury risk assessment. Using motion sensors, balance analysis equipment and the Functional Movement Screen, we can help identify areas for you to focus on in your training to reduce your chance of injury.


$100/Single assessment (60 min.)

Blood flow restriction training takes advantage of the body’s physiological response to fatigue to create big strength and size gains without the need for heavy weights or causing damage to muscle fibers. Flexible, comfortable bands are utilized to cause muscles to fatigue with minimal demand and never cut off blood flow.


$50 (30 min session)*

*Initial evaluation required independent of BFR training session

For athletes, strength and conditioning should rarely come to a stand-still, even during an injury. Our experts work around your injury to maintain muscle tone, cardiorespiratory fitness, and address any factors that could lead to re-injury, all while you heal. We provide everything you need to bridge the gap between injury and full return to sport.


$100 (60 min session)

We analyze your running form to identify factors in your gait that could be leading to decreased performance or risk of injury. Our comprehensive analysis utilizes high speed cameras, FDA recognized sensors, and force plates, providing an unmatched amount data for our trained clinicians to get you moving your best. After collecting our data, we discuss the findings and strategies to correct any factors that could be holding you back.


$195/Single assessment


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