Spine Surgery Fellowship

Neck and low back pain are common occurrences in the general population. It is estimated that approximately 80% of the population will experience pain in the low back and/or neck at some time in their life. Fortunately, most of those cases resolve without surgical treatment. Surgical treatment of neck and low back problems can vary depending on several factors. The actual problem in the back or neck, where the pain is located, the severity of the pain, if and in what way the nerves in the neck or back are affected, and response to nonoperative measures to treat the pain all influence the decision to proceed with surgery. As long as the nerves in the neck and/or back are functioning properly, surgery is indicated only after conservative (nonoperative) treatment has been tried and failed.

The Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush Spine Surgery Fellowship Program is built on the philosophy of decreasing supervision with increasing responsibility. The program provides comprehensive training in the surgical and conservative treatment of spinal disorders, covering pediatric spinal disorders such as pediatric scoliosis, cervical spine, acute spinal injuries, degenerative disorders, adult deformities and tumors. The emphasis of the fellowship is centered on patient care, surgery, and research.

Fellows work with orthopaedic residents and medical students, and have teaching responsibilities. Weekly indications conferences, weekly combined pediatric-adult spine deformity conferences, monthly neurosurgery-orthopedic surgery conferences, and monthly research meetings are organized. Journal clubs and anatomy laboratory teaching sessions are also organized.

Fellows are responsible for at least two clinical or basic science research projects and several lectures. Research facilities in the Rush University Medical Center Department of Orthopaedic Surgery include the biomechanics laboratory, lifting and gait laboratories, biomaterial and histopathology laboratories, biochemistry and molecular biology, and an animal surgery facility. The fellowship is ACGME accredited for three fellows per year and participates in the match program.

If you are considering a fellowship in spine surgery, we hope you will consider our training program.

For further information or questions, please contact:

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