Get to Know Dr. Jorge Chahla

August 20, 2019

Dr. Jorge Chahla joins Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush 

Dr. Jorge Chahla is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the treatment of complex knee, hip and all sports related injuries. He is an Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Rush University Medical Center. Moreover, he serves as the Director of Biomechanical Sports Medicine Research and of the International Fellowship Program. Dr. Chahla completed several fellowships at the top programs in the United States including The Steadman Clinic, Cedars Sinai Kerlan Jobe Institute and Rush University Medical Center. He earned his PhD degree at the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA) with Summa Cum Laude honors.

Dr. Chahla has a strong focus on joint preservation procedures with more than 250 publications in prestigious scientific journals, over 30 book chapters, 6 edited books. Specifically, his area of expertise includes complex knee surgery including novel minimally invasive techniques for reconstruction of multiligament injuries, anterior and posterior cruciate ligament tears, injuries of the posteromedial and posterolateral corner, meniscus and cartilage surgeries and osteotomies around the knee. Additionally, he performs hip preservation procedures including treatment of femoroacetabular impingement, and tendon repairs (hamstring, gluteus and adductor tears). He has published extensively on the use of biologics including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) and Stem Cells. He is a member of the Biologics Alliance which includes experts from all the major scientific societies within sports medicine.

A researcher and scientist

He has presented his research both nationally and internationally at orthopaedic conferences and meetings every year. He has a strong reputation for his anatomical knowledge that has helped develop novel surgical techniques that are imprinted in publications and books. He has received grants from various institutions such as Colorado University, Cedars Sinai Kerlan Jobe, AAOS, AANA, AOSSM, and SANOFI. He has recently received the AAOS Award of Excellence, AOSSM Young Investigator Award, Excellence in Research Award and the Cabaud Award (two times) from the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, the 2016 AAOS/OREF/ORS Clinician Scholar Development Program award and six best-paper awards at several meetings.

Along with his commitment to providing outstanding patient care, Dr. Chahla believes strongly in the importance of advancing the field of sports medicine through involvement in leadership, advocacy, and education, and is actively involved in teaching medical students, residents, and fellows. He is a member of the prestigious knee collateral ligament group from the European Society for Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy. He serves on numerous national and international committees, including Advocacy Committee at the Arthroscopic Association of North America (AANA), Education Committee at the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS), Research Committee, at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) and he is Deputy Chair, of the ICRS Next Generation Committee, International Cartilage Repair Society. Dr Chahla serves in the Editorial board of the Arthroscopy Journal.

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