The Proper Use of NSAIDs

February 26, 2018

In this Healio Family Medicine article, primary care physicians discuss the risks and dangers of patients using NSAIDs. With all patients, the standard benefit vs. risk equation must be considered when prescribing NSAIDs, according to Dr. Kathleen Weberof Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush. She added that there are other considerations with elderly patients too.

For patients who are less than forthcoming about their NSAID use, Weber said, certain medical conditions may be a sign that the patient is taking too many. “Gastritis or irritation of the stomach lining can be a common issue and can occur quickly with even normal doses of NSAIDs. Unfortunately, the potential for stomach bleeding from a NSAID can occur and could be life threatening,” she said. “The NSAIDs can also impact platelets and clotting mechanisms and cause cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure and heart failure. Renal insufficiency and renal failure, particularly in diabetics, and possibly liver injury are also possible adverse events from NSAID use.”

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