The Young Athlete Is Not a Small Professional

May 10, 2016


Dr. Brian Cole recently contributed to a article about returning young players to the field after an injury on Entitled "The young athlete is not a small professional," this article was written by Dr. Dev K. Mishra, creator of and Clinical Assistant Professor of orthopedic surgery at Stanford University.

"The decision to push the envelope can be really complex," says Cole. The player might feel like he needs more time - but the organization, in a situation like the NBA playoffs, will want him back as soon as possible. Or maybe the player is anxious to get back before he is ready, feeling the weight of his or her team and even career. Amid all of this, a team's physician has to be clear-minded and focused on the best interest of the player. "It takes an enormous amount of humility," says Cole. "You can never be a fan."

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