Patricia's Story

Patricia Dietz's priority when looking for orthopedic care was returning to her family life. An orthopedic injury can be debilitating to one's life and their loved ones.

Patty started to experience pain in her left shoulder last November. "It felt like I was walking with a broken arm." By taking steps to remain healthy at home, she tried to care for her injury herself before seeking professional help. Patty is a grandmother to three grandchildren, ages two, nine, and eleven.

She knew she needed to find a specialist once she could no longer walk with her arm resting down by her side. 

"I could no longer lift my granddaughter, who is almost two. I really missed out on a lot with her."

When seeking professional orthopedic care, her close friend mentioned that Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR) had just recently opened a clinic near her home in Joliet. Patty scheduled an appointment with primary care sports medicine specialist Dr. Caitlin Nicholson at the MOR orthopedic clinic in Joliet. She was overwhelmed by how beautiful the facility was and how welcoming and kind the staff was.

At her first appointment, Dr. Nicholson explained that she had some narrowing of the bone with arthritis. "Dr. Nicholson really impressed me. She was down to earth and could explain everything to me as if she was speaking with a friend." Dr. Nicholson, who specializes in the non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, recommended Patty be given a cortisone shot to the area in addition to a regiment of physical therapy.

Within three weeks of starting physical therapy at the MOR Joliet location, Patty already felt a huge relief in her shoulder. She enjoyed coming to the clinic and speaking with the staff throughout her treatment.

"Everyone was so friendly. I felt welcomed every time I walked in the door."

MOR physical therapist Brian Morgan helped Patty reduce her pain and restore range of motion. She continued with her exercises at home and feels that her shoulder is already back to its full ability. Joliet is home to Midwest Orthopaedic's newest full-service clinic.

"I'm so glad you're here in Joliet. We need more real doctors here."

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