FAQs: Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement (Arthroplasty)

Is this procedure experimental?

It is not considered experimental because a standard prosthesis is used. This procedure is FDA approved. It is only considered experimental from the prospective of long term follow up. The procedure has been done for one year thus no long term follow up is available.

Can I mail X-rays and other medical information for the doctor to review?

No, you must be seen and examined by the physician prior to scheduling surgery.

What is the sequence of events after I decide to schedule an appointment?

You will see the physician in the office for an initial evaluation. If you schedule surgery, you will be asked to return on a separate date for preoperative evaluation by an internal medicine doctor, blood donation, and to attend a knee replacement class. All of this must be done at Rush University Medical Center approximately two to four weeks prior to surgery.

Is there a local hotel where I can stay?

There is a Marriott across the street from the hospital. The telephone number is 312-491-1234.

What kind of follow up is required after surgery?

Routine follow up is 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and annually after surgery.

Should I call my insurance company before seeing the doctor?

We recommend that you call to see if your physician is a contracted provider with your insurance company. You should wait to discuss surgery with your insurance company until after you see the physician (if you schedule surgery we will pre-certify with your insurance company). If your physician is not a contracted provider with your insurance company, you will most likely have higher out-of-pocket expenses for your office visits and surgery.