Residency in Sports Physical Therapy

Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR) is pleased to announce the developing sports physical therapy residency program. The curriculum will be an in-person, 12-month full-time experience specialized in sports physical therapy practice, clinical reasoning, teaching, and service. The initial cohort is scheduled to begin July of 2023. 

The MOR Experience 

The residency program provides opportunities to train and be mentored by board certified clinical specialists to enhance clinical problem solving, critical thinking, and understanding of sports related injuries across the lifespan of an athlete. Working with Rush University Medical School, the residents will get additional training with anatomists, radiologists, biomechanists, and orthopaedic medical experts. The residents will have opportunities to participate in clinical research, sports partners affiliated with MOR, and community outreach activities.  

Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush is a nationally acclaimed provider of surgical and non-operative treatment. The division of therapy provides an excellent learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities and a diverse patient population with high variability of sports and orthopaedics conditions. The resident will have many opportunities to work with the medical team providing the best possible care for their patients. 

Mission Statement and Summary 

To provide the most compassionate, careful, and highest standard of care to our patients. Training specialists in sports physical therapy to become an integral part of the interdisciplinary team at the local, regional, and national level through high level research and education. 

These specialists will become leaders in the management of sports-related conditions to promote health and wellness of athletic individuals, throughout their lifetime at all levels of competitions. The program’s objective is to allow competent physical therapists to grow personally and professionally, with an aim of creating proficient clinicians who are compassionate and situated to perform as an integral part of the sports medicine interdisciplinary team. The programs’ goal is to prepare residents to become board-certified sports clinical specialists and leaders in practice, education, and service on a local and national levels in addition to being a contributing member of the greater sports medicine team. Through advanced education, mentorship, superb clinical affiliations, and critical thinking opportunities, our residents will strive to improve quality, leadership, and professional identity both in the clinic and as a part of sports medicine world. 

In a typical week, the residents will spend time in the following: 

  • Patient care 
  • 1:1 clinical mentoring with board-certified clinical specialists 
  • Venue/practice coverage and rehabilitation with MOR affiliated sports teams 
  • Research experience with the MOR Sports Performance team  
  • Teaching opportunities 
  • Planned educational curriculum  
  • MOR Special Interest Programs  
  • Grand Rounds 
  • Observation with orthopedic and sports medicine physicians 

Example Week  

  • 20 hours of patient care at MOR Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic 
  • 4 hours of clinical mentorship each week with board certified  
  • 4 hours of class time for sports specific curriculum  
  • Sports coverage dependent on sports seasons / competitive schedule   
  • Dedicated time for research projects, case studies, special interest programs  

Learning Modules & Topics 

  • Dedicated sections for the lower extremity, upper extremity, and spine  
  • Each will cover anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, evaluation, common diagnoses, conservative treatment vs. surgery, return to sport / performance, and considerations for the respective body area 
  • Special Topics 
  • Overhead and throwing athletes, endurance athletes, athletes with chronic conditions, adaptive athletes, and importance of the interdisciplinary team  

Admissions Criteria  

  • Physical therapy degree from a CAPTE accredited physical therapy educational program 
  • Licensed or eligible for licensure in the state of Illinois 
  • Active member of the APTA 
  • Display professional behaviors and a strong interest in sports physical therapy 
  • Possess one of the following: 
  • Current certified athletic trainer (ATC) designation 
  • Current license as an EMT 
  • Certification as an Emergency Medical Responder via an American Red Cross course (*prior to the start of the program) 

Application Process 

Application due by December 2, 2022 with an anticipated start date of July 2023.

Download application

Please include: 

  • Letter of intent 
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Three letters of recommendation 
  • Unofficial DPT transcript 

For more information, or to submit application materials, please contact Abigail Misenheimer at