Sports Performance Scheduling

If your physician ordered a “Functional Sports Assessment” or “Sports Assessment,” we need to determine which assessment you will need. You’ll find specifics for each assessment below. If you are an athlete whose surgery was related to a throwing motion (Tommy John, labral repair, little leaguer’s shoulder or elbow, etc), you’ll want to choose our Throwing Assessment if you’re throwing at a high intensity. If you are returning to running only – recreational running, 5k to marathon training, or cross country, you’ll want to do our Running Assessment. If you are returning to a sport after hip, knee, or ankle surgery, you’ll want to do a plyo prep screen if you are just starting to jump in therapy. If you are closer to returning to sport and are comfortable running, jumping, and cutting, you’ll want to do a Lower Body Assessment. 

If you are interested in working with us on strength, mobility, stability, and blood flow restriction training, or would like to try an alternative to traditional personal training, choose injury risk assessment for your first session. 

Use the below module to request an appointment for any of our sports performance services.