Concussion Treatment

What is the recommended treatment for a concussion?

The best treatment for a concussion is rest until the symptoms resolve. Rest must include physical rest from all sports and exertional activities as well as cognitive or "brain" rest. Cognitive rest may mean staying home from school a few days, decreasing class load, limiting tests and exams or a combination of these. It is also recommended that the athlete avoid any external stimuli such as TV, computer time, texting, video games, concerts, etc. The athlete should continue to be followed by a health professional trained in managing concussions. The athlete should never return to his or her sport while still having symptoms, as this puts him or her at risk for Second Impact Syndrome.

Patients concerned about concussion may want to visit the Chicago Sports Concussion Clinic at Rush. The team consists of sports medicine physicians (Dr. Kathleen Weber, Dr. Joshua Blomgren), neurologists, neurosurgeons and neuropsychologists, as well as physical, occupational and behavioral therapists from Rush University Medical Center who are experienced in concussion. The clinic uses a team-centered, multidisciplinary approach to manage patients, from mild to the most complex cases.